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Client Side Performance Testing

We are living in a different era—your users work from all around the world—and while you strive to deliver the best possible user experience, there are many external factors that influence this, resulting in unpredictable performance. For example, the distance to the datacenter, the speed and quality of the Internet connection, as well as other bottlenecks along the way, can produce support tickets even though the desktop environment is running smoothly.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know when and where issues occur on any of your remote sites up-front. Our virtual user can help you identify these issues by simulating user logons from remote locations continuously, thereby doing exactly what real users would, albeit with one difference: It measures and reports back every action, as well as the time it took to complete them, e.g. the logon and application start, or a certain click-path through your mission critical application.

During testing, our virtual user also registers network utilization and the latency within the remote desktop session, enabling the reception of early warning alerts when things are changing, as well as the ability to generate Service Level Agreement reports.

LoginVSI Client Side Performance Testing