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Application Availability

Applications are at the heart of every desktop and we understand that you want to receive immediate notifications when something is wrong with them. The Login PI Virtual User alerts you immediately when it notices a change in performance, or if the application can no longer start, as well as log ins and App start times. Login PI can launch an App, send login details to the App, interact with it and provide you with the timings for each step in the process.

What makes this virtual user unique is that it starts the applications (all of them) from all over the world in all your environments 24/7. Therefore, you no longer need to rely on real users reporting that they can no longer start the application, which gives you the time to resolve the matter before it affects both the user experience and the bottom line of the company.

You can receive alerts in multiple ways:

  • Email
  • Pushed to the Ops console of your choice (SCOM, SPLUNK, etc.) via the Event Viewer
  • A robust API that allows you to do anything you can do via the console programmatically, as well as pull user experience data from the Login PI Database to put into other tools for further analysis
  • Dashboard for the Network Operations Center

LoginVSI Application Availability