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Use Cases and Initiatives

Widespread Customer Use Cases

Customers want to provide an excellent end-user experience. Learn how Login VSI can help you with the following use cases.


Login VSI - Use Cases - Change Management

Change Management

Digital workspaces are impacted by changes daily, jeopardizing both the performance and availability of critical services. These changes can be planned, such as application updates like SAP or EPIC, Windows updates or “patch Tuesday” updates. They can also be unplanned, such as anti-virus updates. Using Login Enterprise to test these changes in pre-production as well as production, provides a way of understanding their impact, thus enabling the business to stay productive.

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Application Performance

Time is money and the more responsive business applications are, the more productive the users will be. In healthcare and finance, there is no exception. Using Login Enterprise to ensure production applications—on-premises or in the cloud—remain responsive or testing any changes to the application before rolling them out to production, is a great way to ensure users are optimally productive.

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Login VSI - Use Cases - Application Performance


Login VSI - Use Cases - Platform Availability

Platform Availability

Modern workforces can log in from many different locations, which introduces external factors that can harm availability. Whether the business strives for Five 9s or Six 9s, Login Enterprise can be used to continuously test the availability of desktop or application resources 24x7x365, thereby preventing support tickets and costly business impacts.

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Capacity Planning

Onboarding new solutions or making changes to the infrastructure requires an objective look into how the performance footprint changes. Validating that new solutions can service their required number of users is critical, otherwise, the business will spend huge sums of money to compensate. This is especially important when considering the sizing of new cloud resources. With Login Enterprise load testing, IT organizations can be sure they are keeping costs down and performance up.

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Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning


Login VSI - Use Cases - SLA Verification

SLA Verification

Any business hosting on-prem or cloud-based resources needs a pro-active approach to guarantee they are hitting the uptime and performance KPIs of an SLA. This can be challenging when only monitoring end-users while they are working on the system. Login Enterprise continuously tests 24x7x365, using virtual users to proactively ensure that the system stays within SLA limits.

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Universal Enterprise Initiatives

Many enterprise initiatives are currently benefiting from the power of Login VSI. Learn how we can help your enterprise with the following initiatives.


Login VSI - Initiatives - Windows Virtual Desktop - Login VSI is a recognized integration partner for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) by Microsoft

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) represents a new and groundbreaking addition to virtual desktop and session-based application hosting. It is completely different from traditional desktop and session-based solutions, yet it promises the greatest chance of achieving the goal of "future-proofing." Login VSI has been recognized as an integration partner for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) by Microsoft and is already being used to evaluate the performance characteristics of WVD instances.

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End-User Computing

Login VSI has long been at the center of the end-user computing (EUC) market. Vendors and enterprises alike use Login VSI to evaluate the performance of EUC technologies like Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon or Microsoft RDS. As EUC moves to the cloud with technologies like Windows Virtual Desktop, an entirely new set of questions about performance must be answered. Login Enterprise also helps you manage complications surrounding application virtualization, security software and hyperconverged solutions.

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Login VSI - Initiatives - End User Computing


Login VSI - Initiatives - DevOps - CI/CD - Login Enterprise is easy to use, programmatic, scalable objective and consistently efficient

DevOps - CI/CD

Rapid change requires diligence in development and delivery, but also to test. It’s no longer practical to have end-users perform objective tests of newly deployed desktops and applications for the IT delivery group. Login Enterprise is easy to use, programmatic via RESTful web APIs, provides objective data about changes in performance and offers a resilient and consistent way to evaluate changes in both applications and desktop images, at scale.

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Windows 10 Migration

In January 2020, Windows 7 reaches its end of support. Enterprises have undertaken massive initiatives to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This has profound impacts on compatibility, performance, and scale. Using Login Enterprise to understand the changes in performance profiles of applications and desktop images is the first step in ensuring business continuity —before, during and after migration. Login Enterprise can also evaluate new Windows 10 updates, before pushing them into production.

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Login VSI - Initiatives - Windows 10 Migration - Login Enterprise can also evaluate new Windows 10 updates, before pushing them into production.