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Use Cases

Our virtual users mimic real-world users performing real-world tasks, such as typing emails, browsing the web, looking up patient details and generating monthly reports. When our virtual user notices a discrepancy in performance from anywhere in your infrastructure, it will alert you immediately—increasing end-user productivity while also minimizing downtime and other costly business disruptions through predictive analysis.

Building a VDI Infrastructure

The Load Testing capability of Login VSI is a necessary tool to build well-performing virtual desktop infrastructures. Login VSI is used in the design and build phases for vendor benchmarking, sizing/scaling and pre-production load- and stress-testing.

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Application Availability

In virtual desktop production environments the end-user experience is always the primary concern. Login VSI Enterprise Edition helps to safeguard performance and availability of your critical business applications: regardless of if they run in your own datacenter (using VDI or server based computing) or elsewhere (using SaaS, DaaS or IaaS providers).

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Change Impact Validation

In virtual desktop production environments, most problems are caused by changes. These can be planned changes such as new versions of business applications (like SAP or EPIC), regular new builds of Windows 10 or standard weekly updates (e.g. “patch Tuesday”), as well as unplanned changes such as automatic updates (think of security software). But also just normal daily use can cause a gradual deterioration of desktop and application performance due to the pollution of storage and other devices.

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Remote User Testing

Your virtual desktop users work from different locations - and while you strive to deliver the best possible user experience, there are many external factors that can have a negative impact. For example, the distance to the datacenter, the speed and quality of the internet connection, as well as other bottlenecks along the way, can produce support tickets even though the desktop environment in your data center is running smoothly.

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SLA Verification

While the use of on premise VDI is still growing, there is also a strong move towards cloud based solutions for desktops and/or applications. Industry analysts especially recommend cloud based solutions like DaaS and SaaS for environments where most end-users have very short term engagements, and where the applications used are relatively light weight. Their expectation is that both VDI and DaaS have their benefits for different types of users, and therefore will be used side by side in most organizations.

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