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Using Login VSI to deliver a great end user experience

Using Login VSI to deliver a great end user experience

At Login VSI, our customers’ success in virtualized desktops is what inspires us every day. To learn more about what drives the use of Login VSI we recently surveyed our customers. If you participated in the TechValidate survey, thank you for helping make Login VSI better.

Responses from Login VSI customers predominately came from these industries: Financial services (including insurance), public sector, education, retail, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare.

using login vsi to deliver a great end user experience infographicHere are some highlights:

  • 85% of our customers improved their ability to deliver a better end user experience with Login VSI
  • 48% of desktop virtualization challenges are linked to the user experience
  • 93% of desktop virtualization technology providers use Login VSI to validate end user performance for their products

As you may know, Login VSI has a unique approach to performance measurement, stress testing and monitoring. We use virtual users. This is also called synthetic testing. By using virtual users to test your environment, you are able to establish credible benchmarks, look at trends, and fine tune performance by reconfiguring various components. This is a unique angle into the performance of your virtualized desktop environment and the KEY to a great experience for your production users.

  • 73% of our customers say high availability is important to critical to their desktop virtualization success
  • 64% of our customers use Login VSI to validate end user performance
  • 42% of our customers use Login VSI to predict end user performance

Login VSI helps organizations do the following:

  • Improve their ability to deliver a better end user experience
  • Deliver a faster desktop
  • Reduce risk of a negative impact from implementing updates
  • Improve end user efficiency
  • Reduce the number of support calls
  • Lower the total cost of ownership of their virtualized desktop environment
  • Improve overall desktop uptime
  • Login VSI increases end user productivity because they can direct their time to other important issues instead of having to wait for application startups, logons etc.

Testimonials from Login VSI users

“Using a load test tool such as Login VSI has reduced the ‘it’s slow’ calls to the service desk and vastly improved our client experience." CTO, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company.

“Login VSI prevented our company having to purchase additional hardware by allowing us to test our systems and find the bottlenecks to improve the current workload of our aging hardware.” IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company.

“Login VSI allowed us to vet out configuration changes within our SBC and VDI environments prior to introducing into production. It’s a great product, very easy to use, and has great support.” Virtualization Architect, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company.

“Login VSI has permitted us to test our VMware Horizon View workloads effectively and accurately.” IT Manager, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

“Because of Login VSI we were able to determine the maximum number of virtual machines a hypervisor can host.” IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company.

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