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Live from VMworld 2015 - Day 2

Live from VMworld 2015 - Day 2

Day 2 of VMworld was another big one for the Login VSI team! In addition to a steady stream of visitors to our booth, Blair and Mark were busy with guest presentations at the booths of many of our vendor partners.

A few folks took time out to chat with me:

Tristan Todd from VMware

Tristan Todd is an EUC Architect with VMware. He’s doing some cool stuff with storage for VDI.

Shai Maskit from Kaminario

Shai Maskit talked about the new hardware offerings from Kaminario, who also use VSI to validate their reference architectures in my next interview.

Jared Brummer from World Wide Technology

Ruben Spruijt from Atlantis Computing

Ruben Spruijt is one of those guys that I’ve known for several years, but we only see each other a handful of times each year, at conferences. He’s CTO at Atlantis Computing, and previously collaborated with Login VSI on the Project VRC line of whitepapers.

Update September 7, 2015:

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