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Login VSI’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Starter Kit

Today Login VSI announces our WVD Starter Kit.

The WVD Starter Kit will simplify the implementation of Login VSI into your WVD environment. The starter kit will enable you to maximize your WVD Experience. It will enable you to:

  • Identify performance and stability Issues
  • Gain Confidence Of Service Availability
  • Obtain Insights Into Application Performance

The WVD Starter Kit Will give you the ability to test and report on performance from the end-user’s point of view - delivering the ultimate metric in performance.

Most IT organizations typically measure the performance of desktops in the cloud by reviewing infrastructure metrics such as CPU, Memory and IOPS. However, in the cloud, these are not always available, nor do they give you the full picture, as you are no longer managing the hardware.

Login VSI Blog - Login VSI’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Starter Kit

The Login VSI WVD Starter Kit will help you deploy Login VSI into your WVD environment

Login VSI has already deployed an early version of this Starter Kit at customer sites and we have heard the following firsthand accounts regarding the value customers are deriving value from it:

  • “It gives me the confidence of service availability from a user perspective”
  • “I have been able to identify performance and stability issues that cannot be identified by more traditional means (performance counters and event logs)”
  • “I now have the data to drive decisions on release schedules”

Login VSI is currently offering a user license for Login Enterprise free of charge for one month to support you with the implementation of WVD. The solution is guaranteed to maximize the end-user experience in your digital workspaces. The synthetic users automatically test and validate the impact of change in your physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces - safeguarding your application and desktop performance.

The Starter Kit Includes:

  • Continuous test, maximum of 15 application scripts/workloads with possibility to create and modify your own workloads
  • Application load test, maximum of 20 users a day
  • Application performance testing, maximum of 15 application scripts/workloads
  • Login Enterprise appliance in Azure
  • Login Enterprise complimentary 30-day license

The data provided in our free Starter Kit can help customers gain insights into the performance of applications within your WVD environment. Moving desktop and application workspaces to the cloud requires more visibility into how changes in cloud infrastructures impact the performance and availability of these resources.

You can learn more about the Starter Kit by clicking HERE.

About the author
Paul Campaniello is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Login VSI. He is responsible for global marketing and communications, including GTM strategy, sales enablement, brand management, product marketing, demand generation, and analyst & public relations. Paul has held senior marketing roles at a variety of technology companies and he holds both a BS and a MBA from Bentley University.

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