Start your first test

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Start your first test

This chapter describes the steps to start your first test.


  • VSIshare
  • Login VSI Management Console
  • At least 1 launcher




First, we are going to start the Session Monitor. The Session Monitor needs to run on the server that is hosting the VSIshare.

Browse to the local VSIshare at the following location: {VSIshare}\_VSI_Binaries\Launcher\

Start the SessionMonitor.exe.

2013-11-04 01 45 31-Launcher.png

To start the Session Monitor, click the Start button.

2013-11-04 01 45 34-Login VSI Session Monitor.png

Now open the Login VSI Management Console.

Click 6. Start Test.

2013-11-04 01 47 01-Login VSI Management Console - Express.png

This page contains an overview of the current configured settings.

Click start test, in the top right corner.

2013-11-04 01 48 59-Login VSI Management Console - Express.png

This opens the start test wizard, click next.

2013-11-04 01 49 10-Start Test Wizard.png

(If using version 4.1.24 then skip to next step)

To automatically logoff all sessions when they have been launched, mark the Logoff users checkbox. By default, 120 seconds is configured.

Click next.

2013-11-04 01 49 18-Start Test Wizard.png

Login VSI now includes upgrades for SOAK testing that improve the overall stability during long-term testing. SOAK testing now runs faster than before, does not run out of memory during large scale data tests, and can be run continuously if required. This type of test can help identify issues relating to memory allocation/leaks, log file handles, storage problems and database resource utilization.

If you want to run a SOAK test to evaluate your system's long-term stability, you can define how long the test should run in the start test wizard. If you want to run a test continuously, please set the toggle to 0. We also advise disabling (unchecking) certain charts in the Analyzer Preferences that are not required when running a SOAK test.

Login VSI Analyzing Results - Analyzer preferences - Analyzer tabs

Soak test mmc wizard verbiage update.png

Enter a name for the first test.

Click next.

2013-11-04 01 49 30-Start Test Wizard.png

Mark the checkbox Use launcher workflow.

Enter the Launcher username: Launcher-v4

Enter the Launcher password: Password!

Click next.

This feature is only available in Login VSI PRO, express users can skip this step.

2013-11-04 01 50 07-Start Test Wizard.png

Click next.

This feature is only available in Login VSI PRO, express users can skip this step.

2013-11-04 01 50 13-Start Test Wizard.png

Click next.

2013-11-04 01 50 16-Start Test Wizard.png

The launcher workflow will launch a RDP connection to the launcher.

The automatic agent start feature (launcher workflow) is only available in Login VSI PRO, express users have to make sure that \\server\VSIshare\_VSI_binaries\Launcher\Agent.exe is running at the Launcher machine.

2013-11-04 01 51 19-Launcher.png

When the launcher agent.exe is running, it will inform the Management Console when ready.

VSI Launcher version agent.png

The launcher will give the status: ready.

Click next.

Make sure the launcher is added by either Host name, FQDN, and IP address.

2013-11-04 01 50 54-Start Test Wizard.png

If you have configured the VMware ESXtop performance logs in the MMC, then you will see the status of your WMware server connection here.

Click finish.

2013-11-04 01 51 25-Start Test Wizard.png

The launcher will start the connections to the target.

Connection to target.png

The dashboard will open automatically and will provide you the information of current test.

(Login VSI ver4.1.24+)
The Login VSI dashboard now includes more information on how many active sessions are being run per launcher. When a test is running, there is now an extra column in the Launchers section, called active sessions, which contains this detailed information.

Test inprogress dashboard launchers.png

Finishing your first test




The Dashboard will indicate when a test is finished. On the bottom the message “The test is finished, please click “reload” to reload this page.”

For more information about the LoginVSI dashboard and what each part means, please scroll below.

Dashboard updated new.png

LoginVSI Dashboard

The dashboard will always display the information you need for a test. It will tell you how many users have launcher, how many have run the logon script and become active, and how many have successfully ended their portion of the test and logged off. You will want the Launched and Active numbers to be close in number, as the logon rate and the active rate should be close. The last part is the Logoff number. You will want this bar to be completely full and the number to be the same as the Launched and the Active numbers. The logon timer will have a graph that will show how fast the users are becoming active. If you see erratic spikes, it could indicate issues with logging users on. There there are errors that appear, whither it be on the launcher machine or the test machines, there will be screenshots. Clicking on the screenshots can help resolve what the issue with the test was.