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General description of the storage workload


The Login VSI Storage Workload is used in conjunction with Login VSI. The storage workload proves the capacity of storage solutions only. To test the performance and capabilities of the overall system and overall use cases, please use the regular Login VSI workloads as well.

The Storage Worker workload in Login VSI was radically modified to suit storage testing in the following ways:

  • CPU-only intensive operations are removed in favor of IO-intensive operations
  • Browse and Edit sections are removed or minimized, as they have no specific impact on disk IO
  • The Login VSI Storage Workload loops every 16 minutes instead of the 48 minutes typical for the Knowledge Worker profile
  • At the end of each loop, after all apps are closed, the VSImemoryeater.exe consumes maximum memory for a couple of seconds (105% of available memory). This will clear any applications that are still cached in Windows memory. The next time these apps are started in a new loop, it will generate the same read IO as if the application is started for the first time

The VSImax, Login VSI’s easy-to-understand measure point of how many users can run in the environment before the performance reaches an unacceptable level, is less relevant when it comes to storage tests. In fact, you do not want to reach the VSImax at all with storage tests. Not reaching your VSImax indicates that the amount of users you tested with can be run on your (storage) platform.

The recommended usage of the Login VSI Professional storage workload

The recommended usage of the Login VSI Professional storage workload is as follows:

  • The Professional storage workload relies on Login VSI 4.1, so the first step is to download, install and configure Login VSI 4.1. If you’re not familiar with Login VSI, please refer to the Login VSI installation documentation. Installing the PRO content library is recommended to use with the storage workload.
  • Install the Login VSI Storage workload into the Login VSI share.
  • Validate the VDI or SBC environment and the Login VSI installation by running one of the default workloads, included in the Login VSI Professional download.
  • Select the Storage workload in the management console.
  • Run a small-scale test and slowly incrementing number of sessions.
  • Analyze the results of the test. To get full insight in the performance of your VDI or SBC environment, external data can be gathered and loaded into the Analyzer.

Dec 19, 2014 - Login VSI Storage Workload: The ultimate proof of VDI storage performance