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The Login VSI pro library is extra content that is usable by everyone who has a Login VSI pro license. The Library contains extra data files which are used by Login VSI workloads. The idea is to have a 'larger' pool of 'random' files (think of caching) that will be processed during a workload. If you do not have the Pro Library but want to use it please contact us at https://www.loginvsi.com/support/contact. Please note that the complete library is 12.2GB in size.

Content of the Library


Art this time the user has to copy the files manually to the correct location. A fully automated installer is currently in development. There is no need of de-installing anything.

Step 1 extract all files and rewrite each path as followed:

  • Replace the "_VSI_Content" folder
      • This includes ten (10) folders: doc, docx, jpg, mm, pdf, ppt, pptx, pst, txt and xlsx
    • Copy and overwrite everything
  • Replace the following "_VSI_Websites" folders
      • This includes four (4) folders: BBC, ENGADGET, PINTEREST and THEVERGE
    • Copy and overwrite everything
  • Replace the following "_VSI_Websites" folders
    • Player
      • This includes three (3) folders: 480p, 720p and 1080p

Additional information