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The Login VSI pro library is extra content that is usable by everyone who has a Login VSI pro license. The Library contains extra data files which are used by Login VSI Powerworker workload. The idea is to have a 'larger' pool of 'random' files (think of caching) that will be processed during a workload. Please note that the complete library is 9,3GB in size.

To download the Pro Library please visit the Login VSI downloads page

This zip contains an installer and a few bin files that are used by the installer, please follow the steps, enter the VSI share in the target location and click install. The entire pro library will install automatically.

Content of the Library

When all the files are extracted there are 2 folders named _VSI_Content and _VSI_Websites. In the _VSI_Content directory there are 10 sub folders named doc, docx, jpg, mm, pdf, ppt, pptx, pst, txt and xlsx. Within each of the folders there are 1000 files of each extensions. That means that in the docx folder there are 1000 .docx files. In the standard library there are 50 different files. Only for the folders xlsx and the txt folder hold 1 file instead of 1000, and is the same as the default configuration.

In the _VSI_Websites folder there are 6 sub folders named Player, Flashgame, BBC, ENGADGET, PINTEREST and THEVERGE. The folder Player contains video's that are used in the Heavy workload of Login VSI. The folder FlashGames contains a web-based flash game that is used in the default workloads. The other folders, BBC, ENGADGET, PINTEREST and THEVERGE, contain 20 folders that all contain a website used by the default workloads. In the standard library there are only 5 different folders.

Manual Installation

If you are not able to use the installer you can download the raw files in a rar. Please contact support for the download link to the manual Pro Library install files. These steps allows you to install the Pro library manually.

First of all extract all files and copy the files / directories to each path as followed:

  • Replace the "_VSI_Content" folder
    • This includes ten (10) folders: doc, docx, jpg, mm, pdf, ppt, pptx, pst, txt and xlsx
    • Copy and overwrite everything
  • Replace the following "_VSI_Websites" folders
    • This includes five (5) folders: BBC, FlashGame, ENGADGET, PINTEREST and THEVERGE
    • Copy and overwrite everything
  • Replace the following "_VSI_Websites" folders
    • Player
    • This includes three (3) folders: 480p, 720p and 1080p
    • Copy and overwrite everything