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Login AM 2014 now has the capability to manage your media library (you can still use your own media library if you really want to, though).

This article explains how the media handling works in Login AM 2014.

Media libary

The media library is a way to manage your media sources (e.g. installation sources for applications etc).By using the AM media library, you can use the following:

  • Use relative file paths in your actionitems / custom settings
  • Browse buttons in actionitems/custom settings use the media revision folder as starting point
  • Export/Import packages/layers/collection including media file

Note: Be careful about distributing packages/layers/collection that include the media files, as a lot of software doesn't legally allow redistribution of the installation sources.

Import new media

To import new media to Login AM, go the Media node in the main navigation.

Click the Import new media action

Provide the path, vendor, software, version and language of the media you are importing and click the import button

Login AM Working with Media 01.png

Login AM Working with Media 02.png

The end result should look like this

Login AM Working with Media 03.png

Assigning media to a package

Now that the first revision of the media is added to AM, we can assign this media revision to package. Do this by selecting a package and click the Assign media action:

Login AM Working with Media 04.png

Select the media and revision you wish to use for this package and click Ok.

Login AM Working with Media 05.png

Now that a media and revision is assigned to the package, the file and folder controls that are used in the package can use relative paths to locate the correct installer and the browse buttons open in the root of the media folder

Adding a new revision of the media

Sometimes you are in the situation where you need to use a modified version of the media files for a specific environment (e.g. MST that's bundled with the media that needs to use different settings). AM allows to import a new revision of the media.

Do this by clicking the Add new revision action and specify the path to the sources for the new revision and specify the source of the modified version of the media files

You should now have a second revision for the media, which can be assigned to packages.