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End of Primary Support Statement.

Solution4, Automation Machine, Login AM and its related features, will reach the end of primary support (EOPS) after twelve calendar months following the date of the product's next major versions’ general availability (unless otherwise specified). Once the product surpasses its EOPS date, support and maintenance is no longer available under the base Support & Maintenance agreement. Customers interested in uninterrupted support and maintenance must upgrade the product to the last release, within the EOPS time-frame, or agree to an extended support contract.

Customers must have a current/valid Support & Maintenance Agreement as a prerequisite in order to be eligible for an Extended Support contract.

Extended Support coverage varies depending on whether it is Year-1 or Year-2 of the contract, as follows:

Year-1 Extended Support – Extends product support for up to one year beyond the published EOPS date. Customers receive all benefits provided by their previous support agreement for all severity 1 cases, including hot fixes to product defects if necessary. For cases of other severity levels, customers receive best-effort support, hot fixes not included.

Year-2 Extended Support – Extends product support for as much as a second year beyond the published EOPS date. During the second year, customers will receive technical support assistance on operation of Login AM as well as workarounds to product defects for Severity 1 cases. Hot fixes are not included.

Login AM - End of Primary Support Statement Schedule
Product name Feature(s) EOPS date
Solution4 31 December 2015
AM 2012(R2) AM Tasks, PowerFlow, S4Matic 31 December 2015
AM 2014 31 March 2015
AM 2015 31 March 2016
AM 2015R2 31 March 2018