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Windows XP & Powerpoint 2003 font popup

When running a Login VSI test on a Windows XP environment with Office 2003 you can expect the following popup.

This popup will cause the workload to timeout. To prevent the popup please make sure the users has enough privileges on the following directory: C:\Windows\Fonts.

By adding write access to the user or group the popup will not appear.

Video player internet explore Windows 2008 issue

In some cases during the workload a video will not load on a windows server 2008 system in Internet explorer. This could crash the system. Please download this update: (and all its needed dependencies).

The {increment} variable works inconsistently

There are a number of issues with the variables usable in the management console. See Test name for usage of the variables.

Even though {increment} is used in the test name, the management console will not remember the test name and automatically increment the test name This seems to be an issue with copy/pasting the variables. The functionality will work properly if the {increment} variable is typed instead of copy/pasted.

{increment} is the only variable that is remembered and expanded properly If you use a test name that, before expansion, looks like: {users} - {workload} - {increment}. Then that test name will expand to 22 - officeworker - 1. Even if the workload is changed to a different workload or if the number of users is changed, the only variable that changes after starting another test is increment.

"Storage Workload is disabled by license" message when running a storage workload, Login VSI 4.1.3

There is a storage license verification issue with 4.1.3. Download the storage workload hotfix from this download page You will need to place the storage workload hotfix in your current VSIshare location, e.g. \\server\VSIshare\_VSI_Binaries\Target\*