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Target Setup Walkthrough

1. Installation Content
2. Before we begin
3. Dataserver setup walkthrough
4. VSIshare walkthrough
5. Target setup Walkthrough
6. Pro Library setup walkthrough
7. Storage workload setup walkthrough
8. Graphics framework setup
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The Pro Library generates extra content for the Dataserver share. More information about the Pro Library can be found here.


1. Once the Pro Library has been downloaded and extracted the following files can be seen in the folder.

Installation Step 6 1.JPG

2. Start the installer by opening the file "Login_VSI_Pro_Lib.exe". The following window will appear.

Installation Step 6 2.JPG

3. When the window has appeared click on "Next" to start the installation. What will be shown after pressing "Next" is a list of files that will be added to the Login VSI installation.

Installation Step 6 3.JPG

4. In the next window there is a field where the installation location can be defined. Either press browse for a local location or enter the UNC path for a network location. Please make sure it is the root of the VSIshare.

Installation Step 6 4.JPG

5. The next window is an overview of your selected settings. If everything is in order click on "Install" to start the installation.

Installation Step 6 5.JPG

6. The installation itself will take up around 15 minutes, depeding on the speed of the target and destination device. Once the installation is done the following window will be presented.

Installation Step 6 6.JPG

7. Once Finished has been pressed the Login VSI Pro Library has successfully been installed. The PowerworkerWorkload is now able for use.