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The Target Setup will prepare the test machine with the necessary software, registry settings to ensure a smooth test. It will install basic software that is used during the execution of the default Workloads of Login VSI. There are also a few registry settings configured that suppress popups from certain apps.

Although the Target Setup installation is not required, it is highly recommended. Since we can assure that Login VSI works with this installation. The applications that are installed with the Target Setup are:

  • DoroPDF
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash
  • Java

It also adds the Login VSI group to the local RDP group to make sure that the default Login VSI users can access the virtual machine.


1. Once the LoginVSI package has been extracted the following files can be found when opening the “2. Target Setup” folder. Copy the Login VSI target setup to the target and run the “Target Setup.exe” as an administrator with elevated privileges.

Installation step5 1.png

2. Once run the following screen appears, here the to be installed applications can be selected and unselected. By default it is recommended to install all applications. If needed the name of the authorized group can be changed here to the preferred group.

Installation step5 2.png

3. Once done and next is clicked the following screen appears. The applications are now being installed.

Installation step5 3.png

4. Once the installation is done please make sure that all applications have been installed. Do this by checking the “Programs and Features” on the machine. The applications that are listed should be:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Reader
  • Doro PDF
  • Java
Installation step5 4.png