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VSIshare walkthrough

1. Installation Content
2. Before we begin
3. Dataserver setup walkthrough
4. VSIshare walkthrough
5. Target setup Walkthrough
6. Pro Library setup walkthrough
7. Storage workload setup walkthrough
8. Graphics framework setup
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Once the installation has been completed the created VSIshare is now filled. This page will explain which folders are important and where specific files can be found.


The VSIshare (when the create shortcut function during the installation was selected) by default contains the following folders and files:

Installation step4 1.png

(the profiles folder is added once a profile has been created)


This folder houses the following folders and applications:

Installation step4 2.png


This folder contains the GPO’s that Login VSI imports during the ADSetup script that can be created in the Management Console.


This is where the analyzer application and all its dependencies can be found. If for example there has been chosen not to create shortcuts in the installation directory (VSIshare) the analyzer can be started from here by using the “Login VSI Analyzer.exe”. For the commandline Analyzer select the “Login VSI Analyzer Console.exe”.


All of the connectors used by Login VSI can be found here, its suggested when custom connectors are used to place them in this folder.


The launcher agent.exe and the sessionmonitor.exe can be found here. This is useful when during installation there has been chosen not to add shortcuts.


This is the folder that houses the files that are copied to the target VM during logon.


This folder is used to house the License file and is used by the Session monitor and Launcher Agent to notify the Management Console that they are ready.


The content folder houses all of the content used during a test of Login VSI. By default there are 50 files of each found in each sub folder. When the Pro Library has been installed (which is recommended) there will be 1000 files of each file type. To download the Pro Library please click here.

Installation step4 3.png


In this folder all of the logfiles can be found. The logfiles are stored in a subfolder that corresponds with the name of the test you have configured. The analyzer, by default, looks in this location to open a logfile.


This houses the Management Console application and all of its dependencies. To start the management console select the “Login VSI Management Console.exe” to start the commandline version of the Management console (for automated tests) start the “LoginVSICMD.exe”.


This folder only appears when a profile has been made in the Management Console. The folder houses all of the profiles created. Here profiles can be deleted when obsolete.


All of the website actions that Login VSI by default does are pointing to this folder. This is where we store all of the websites and video’s. By default this houses 5 websites for each website brand and video’s. It also does not have the 720p video’s that are needed for the PowerWorker workload. These can be added by downloading and installing the Pro Library click here.

Installation step4 4.png


All of the default and custom workloads can be found in this folder. It is important that all custom workloads are stored in the Custom Workloads folder. This is done so the default workloads are never edited.

Installation step4 5.png