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Dataserver setup walkthrough

1. Installation Content
2. Before we begin
3. Dataserver setup walkthrough
4. VSIshare walkthrough
5. Target setup Walkthrough
6. Pro Library setup walkthrough
7. Storage workload setup walkthrough
8. Graphics framework setup
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This part of the guide will explain the steps needed to successfully install Login VSI. Make sure before the installation starts that the LoginVSI4##.exe is placed on the server where the Login VSI installation will take place.

Step 1 VSIShare

As the name suggest the VSIshare is an actual shared folder.

1. Create a folder in your preferred location (recommended is the root of C:\ or the root of a different drive).

Installation DataSrvSetup 1.PNG

2. Give this folder a recognisable name without spaces, something that is easily recognizable like VSIshare. 3. Right-click on the folder and click on properties. When the Folder Properties appear click on the Sharing tab. And then on Advanced Sharing.

Installation DataSrvSetup 2.PNG
Installation DataSrvSetup 3.PNG

4. When the Advanced Sharing window appears make sure to select the “Share this folder” checkbox.

5. Click on permissions and select the users that need to have permissions to the share (LoginVSI Users). As best-practice we recommend setting the group "Everyone" to Full Control.

6. Click on OK to close the permissions window and click ok to close the advanced sharing window.

7. Click on the Security tab in the Properties window and set the same permissions as the sharing permissions as before.

Installation DataSrvSetup 3 1.PNG

8. You have now configured the share.

Step2 Dataserver Installation

The dataserver installation is pretty straight forward, all steps will be explained here.

1. Open the file location of the Login VSI setup and browse to the “1. Dataserver Setup” folder. And execute the Setup.exe.

Installation DataSrvSetup 4.PNG

2. When executed the following window appears

Installation DataSrvSetup 5.PNG

3. Click on next and the following window appears

Installation DataSrvSetup 6.PNG

4. Select the share where you wish to install Login VSI. If you do not wish shortcuts to be placed inside the VSIshare unselect it. We recommend however to keep it enabled for easy access.

5. Click next to start the installation.

Installation DataSrvSetup 7.PNG

6. After installation click finish and the Management console will start. Unless you uncheck the checkbox.

Installation DataSrvSetup 8.PNG