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Installation Content

1. Installation Content
2. Before we begin
3. Dataserver setup walkthrough
4. VSIshare walkthrough
5. Target setup Walkthrough
6. Pro Library setup walkthrough
7. Storage workload setup walkthrough
8. Graphics framework setup
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Login VSI installation

This guide will explain the installation of Login VSI. The guide will not be a simple explanation of the installation but will also give recommendations about hardware and software usage. And some choices will be explained. The following steps will be included in this installation guide:

  • Before we begin
    • Download location
      • Download content
    • Requirements
  • Dataserver Setup walkthrough
  • Upgrading Login VSI
  • VSIShare walkthrough
  • Target Setup
    • Where, what, why
  • Target Setup Walkthrough
  • Pro Library setup walkthrough
  • Storage workload setup walkthrough
  • Graphics Framwork setup walkthrough