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This section describes how to enable the execution of a specific workload CSV file using the Workload mashup functionality (per connection command-line). This feature is only available in Login VSI version 4.1.7 and higher.

To enable this feature, please follow these steps:


  • Create a CSV file called workloads
  • The workloads.csv file should contain a resource, workload and user column (the resource column can be left out if it is not required)
  • The resource column can contain different types of entries, such as 2vCPUVMS or Win10
  • The workload column must contain a valid workload name (valid name = the exact file name without .txt at the end), i.e. KnowledgeWorker, PowerWorker, LoginGFX_MultimediaWorker, etc.
  • The user column, the AD users, must end in a number, e.g. LoginVSI1, LoginVSI2 (the engine will extract the number at the end of the username and use this number to determine which line to read)
  • Save the workloads.csv file in the root of the VSIshare


CSV file.png

  • Now open the MMC and navigate to the Workload Mashup feature, located under Test Setup --> Scenario
  • Select Workload mashup from the list of workloads, then click the green Plus button to open the Workload mashup selector pop-up
  • Now select the workloads you included in the CSV file from the drop-down list and add them to the Mashup box (you only have to add them once)
  • Lastly, make sure you have the exact number of sessions configured otherwise you will receive an error message when starting the test (one user = one session)

Note: The engine will disregard the mashup setup and use the configuration contained within the CSV file instead (the reason we use the mashup feature is to make sure that the right workload files are utilized AND to copy the CSV file to the active test folder).

Workload csv.png

  • Now navigate to the Test Setup --> Connection section
  • Make sure the connection command-line looks like these examples:
    • {VSISHARE}\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\RDPConnect.exe /server {server} /user {CSV_user} /password {password} /resource {CSV_resource}
    • {VSISHARE}\_VSI_Binaries\Connectors\SFConnect.exe" /url http://YourConnectionBroker/citrix/store /user {CSV_user} /password {password} /resource {CSV_resource}
  • Mark the use CSV file checkbox and then use the browse button to select the CSV file located in the root of the VSIshare
    • Please use an UNC path to define the location of the file, e.g. \\hostname\VSIShare\workloads.csv
  • Now go to the Start Test tab to execute the CSV file workload tests

Workload csv1.png