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In order to successfully run a test you need to start the session monitor. The session monitor is used to show the status of the test. It monitors several different aspects of the test. All of the different functions are recorded down into the Monitor folder in your log files.

We will run through the different functions of the session monitor.


VSIshare Location:

This is automatically set when you open the session monitor executable. We recommend that the Session Monitor is ran from the dataserver (the VSIshare machine locally).

Current status:

When you start the session monitor it will automatically set its status to running. When you press the stop button (at the bottom of the window) it will change its status to “stopping threads” and then “stopped”. The stop button will change to ‘start’ once the button has been pressed.

Test name:

The test name will correspond with the name of the current test entered in the management console, start test wizard. Launched Sessions This will indicate the amount of sessions that have been launched (corresponds with the MMC Dashboard).

Logon sessions:

This shows the amount of sessions that are currently logged on.

Active sessions:

This shows the amount of sessions that are currently active, logging on and being active are two different things. Logging on means that the logon sequence has begun and being active means that the actual workload is running.

Logoff sessions:

This shows the amount of logged-off sessions.

BasePhase sessions:

This shows the amount of active BasePhase sessions.

BasePhase complete:

This shows the amount of BasePhase sessions that have completed their run.

Stop / Start button:

This button changes from start to stop depending on when you click it. Stop, stops the sessions monitor. Start, starts the session monitor.

Exit button:

This button closes the session monitor.