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1. Login VSI in Short
2. Environment
3. Dataserver
4. Launchers
5. Target Environment
6. Active Directory
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The Launcher(s) are an essential part of the Login VSI test flow. The Launchers are the machines that launch the actual test sessions, and nothing more. There are a couple of things that need to be correctly configured to make sure the Launcher(s) can do its / their work properly.

There is nothing that needs to be installed on the Launcher machine. Instead of an installation a user is created that is used to log-in to a launcher. The user called V4-Launcher, it has a Logon-script that automatically starts the Launcher agent from the VSIshare. To work, the user / launcher machine needs a connection to the VSIShare, there are also certain permissions needed on the VSIshare, this is explained on the previous page.

How does it work

When a test is started in the Management Console the launchers will receive their orders and launch the sessions based on the information configured in the Management Console. Depending on environment and settings, different ways of connecting to the environment are used. For example, when RDP has been selected it will start an RDP session to the environment using our own (supplied) RDP connector. Once started the session will be kept open and will not be interacted with by the launcher. We also recommend to not interact with any of the sessions, there is a high possibility that the session will crash.

Requirements / Recommendations

The requirements for the launchers can be found by clicking here.