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1. Login VSI in Short
2. Environment
3. Dataserver
4. Launchers
5. Target Environment
6. Active Directory
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Login VSI is compatible with all kinds of different environments. The premise is simple, if you have a connector / web interface for your environment, Login VSI can connect to it. Login VSI is, simply put, placed outside of the normal environment and is added as a “plug-in” for your environment. All that Login VSI adds is a VSIShare (can be multiple depending on amount of users) and Launcher machines.

Although Login VSI its function remains the same, the view of an environment is different for every environment type. Therefore, before we continue we want to know in which environment you are going to use Login VSI:

By clicking on the environment type that corresponds with your environment you will be sent to the Logical Topology of Login VSI and that type of environment. From this page you can continue the steps.