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1. Login VSI in Short
2. Environment
3. Dataserver
4. Launchers
5. Target Environment
6. Active Directory
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Login VSI needs two extra devices in any environment. That’s the Launcher and the Dataserver. The Dataserver is also called the VSIShare, because it contains all the Login VSI files. The Dataserver functions by default as a file / web server and is the place where Login VSI is configured, stored and managed from.

The Dataserver is installed through the Dataserver setup, which is part of the Login VSI download that can be found on the Login VSI website: https://www.loginvsi.com/downloads/login-vsi.

Dataserver Content

The Dataserver / VSIShare contains the following important files, roles and applications that are used by Login VSI:

  • File Server
    • Content Pool
      • This holds all of the files used by a Login VSI test. From Word files to pictures
    • Logfiles
      • The VSIshare holds all of the log files generated by the test sessions.
  • Web Server
    • Websites
    • Login VSI uses Internet Explorer to do some actions, instead of actually going to the internet (which is very unreliable) we have our own default websites placed on the VSIShare
  • Login VSI Management Console
    • This is where everything is configured for the tests that are going to be configured.
  • Login VSI Analyzer
    • This application analyses the data from the tests.
  • Login VSI Session Monitor
    • This is used during a test to monitor how many sessions are either logged in, active, launched or logged off.
  • Login VSI Launcher Agent
    • This is the application that is started on the Launchers, that actually launches the sessions.

Requirements / Recommendations

The requirements for the Dataserver / VSIShare can be found by clicking here.