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1. Login VSI in Short
2. Environment
3. Dataserver
4. Launchers
5. Target Environment
6. Active Directory
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The Active Directory is an important part of the Login VSI setup. The Active Directory is used by Login VSI to store the:

  • Users
  • OU's
  • Group Policy's
  • Login Script

We always recommend using the Active Directory setup provided in the Login VSI Management Console, this makes sure that all of the sessions will run according to the Login VSI standards. The settings and users imported into the Active Directory have been tested and proven reliable.

Active Directory Tree

The Active directory OU’s that are created are:

OU Tree

  • The LoginVSI OU holds all of the sub-OU’s.
  • The Computers OU contains all of the Target VM’s.
  • The Users OU contains the Launcher and Target OU.
  • The Launcher OU contains the Launcher user.
  • The Target OU contains all of the LoginVSI test users.

Active Directory requirements

The requirements for the Active Directory can be found by clicking here.

No or limited access to the Active Directory

It is possible that in some environments that Login VSI users do not have access or limited access to the Active Directory. In these special cases please contact our support at support@loginvsi.com and you will be helped as soon as possible.