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1.0.4 Installation



Start the setup.

Login PI Installation 1.png

Click “Next”.

Login PI Installation 2.png

Accept the License Agreement and click “Next”.

Login PI Installation 3.png

Select the features you want to install and click "Next".


If you enabled the launcher feature configure the Launcher settings and press "Next".


Click "Install".

Login PI Installation 5.png

Wait until the installation has been completed.

Login PI Installation 6.png

Press the finish button.


After the installation reboot the machine.





Prior to the upgrade, please place the following outside of the PI share:

  • Custom workloads
  • The license file
  • Anything you want to keep in <PI_install_directory>\shared

Database (screenshot)
We also recommend that you make a backup of your Login PI database.

Upgrade 01.png

Make note of the backup location, in case you might need it.

Upgrade 02.png
  • Logon to the machine where Login PI is installed.
  • Initiate the installation and follow the prompts
Login PI Installation 1.png
Login PI Installation 2.png
Login PI Installation 3.png

Select the features you want to upgrade and run the installation

Upgrade 03.png

Ater the installation reboot the machine.

Upgrade 04.png
  • See in appwiz.cpl the Login PI version has been upgraded to the correct version number (also will be noted in upper-right of Login PI Management Console website)
  • (See screenshot) When Management Console first opened after upgrade notice a prompt to upgrade the PI SQL database
  • Continue with the prompt, the home/landing page should be presented after the upgrade has been performed
Db upgrade webpage.png

Post upgrade

  • Validate Login PI settings within the site to verify previous configuration has been retained
  • Copy-in custom workloads previously set aside into <PI_install_directory>\Login PI\target\workloads

For upgrading to 1.0.4 only:

  • Upgrade the PI_logon.cmd file in \\<AD>\NETLOGON to point to where the logon script is now, which is \\<PI_server_share>\target\scripts\logon.cmd

A new target logon script needs to be implemented:

  • Navigate to the Login PI Management Console settings (via cog icon in upper-right of interface); open page to create new AD Script
  • Accurately fill out form then generate and save the script.
    • If there isn't a custom AD structure then this script can safely be executed
    • Or if there is a custom AD structure then 1) open the AD script with a text editor, 2) locate the portion that creates a new target logon script, and 3) copy and paste this into <PI_server_share>\target\scripts\logon.cmd overwriting previous contents and saving the file
  • Restart jobs and verify target testing functionality and results generation/presentation

Login PI Management interface installation



When the previous steps have been completed the Login PI Management Console is started in your default browser.

Login PI Installation 8.png

Enter the SQL database connection details:

  • Hostname: hostname of the SQL server
  • Instance name: Name of the SQL instance
  • Port: TCP port (default 1433)
  • Database name: Name for the Login PI database, the database will be created if it not exists

Intergrated security: Use yes for Windows based authentication

Username: The username which has access to the SQL server to create the database

Password: Password of the used user account

Domain: Domain of the used user account

Click submit

If you receive the error

Initialization of database failed. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Login PI Installation 9.png

This can take a moment, please wait until the setup is finished.

Login PI Installation 10.png

Here you have the ability to create an AD script which will create Login PI user accounts on the desired AD.

Please note this form is optional and you can continue by the button skip.

Login PI Installation 11.png

Verify installation

This section describes how to verify the installation.



Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

A database must be created with the provided database name


Open IIS


Verify if the website PI Interface is created and running


Launcher installation

This section describes how to install a launcher for Login PI.
This installation method only applies to version 1.0.3 and higher. Don't forget to first meet the Login PI Requirements.



Run the Login PI setup


Press "Next".


Accept the License Agreement and press "Next".


Disable the Server Components feature and press "Next".


Add the Login PI Server URL and give the Launcher a unique name. Press "Next" to continue the setup.


Press "Install".


Wait for the installation to complete.


Press "Finish".


To start the launcher search in the start menu for launcher.exe and start the application.


If you navigate to the launchers configuration page in the Login PI Web Interface.
You can see the new launcher is available and ready for any scheduled jobs.