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Email Notification - Dashboard Preview - for Login PI v1.1.21 only

Version 1.1.21 includes a preview utility for integrated email notifications. This is accessible from the new PI dashboard preview.



Open a browser on your PI management server, and go to "http://localhost:8080/" (or the customized port after the slash, if applicable). Select, Dashboard Preview as shown

Dashboard Preview.png

This will launch the new dashboard.

PI Dashboard1.JPG

From the new dashboard select Email Settings

Email Configuration1.JPG

This will launch the email configuration card. Specify the required information.

"Server Address" - SMTP server address, hostname or IP

"Server Port" - Typically port 25

"Username" - Username for authenticating for sending emails

Password - Password for the email user

Sender - From whom the mail should originate

Recipient - To whom the mail should be delivered

Reply To - The reply to address for the notifications

Minutes between emails - Interval to control frequency of email delivery

Email Subject - Subject of Notification, (count) indicates the number

Send email on alert - Confirmation to enable configuration

Additionally, there is a "Send a test email" to test your configuration.

Email Configuration2.JPG