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Archive (v1.5 and older)

Note: After the initial Login PI configuration, and when the results database starts getting populated with test results, the default dashboard will be the Dashboard Preview page. However, the Classic UI will still be accessible via the "Switch to classic UI" link, which is next to the "Email Notifications" link (the bell icon in the upper-right of the page). If the link is not currently visible, please refresh the page.
Switch to classic ui button.png
To navigate from the Classic UI to the Dashboard Preview view, click on the "Dashboard Preview" link at the top of the Classic UI page.
Dashboard Preview.png

This section will describe how to initially configure Login PI.



Open your favorite browser and browse to http://localhost:8080 (or the customized port)

The first page that will be shown is Profiles if it's a new installation


Click Create Profile

Provide a profile name and click Save

Select the profile type (connector)


The profile is selected in the top left corner

Click on 1. Workload Setting

Select the correct Office language and version

Select the correct OS language and workload

Click Save


Click on 2. Connections

Click Create connection


Please note this is depending on the connector you selected

  • Provide a connection name
  • Timeout is the time in seconds that is used which the remote connection should be started
  • Add a RD Session Host which is the target machine where the workload will be executed
  • Add a domain name

Click Save


Click on the user icon behind the connection


Add the Username and Password and click Save


The user is added to the list and click Close


Click on 4. Jobs

Click on Create job

  • Provide a name
  • Select the start date and time
  • Select the expire date and time (optional)
  • Configure the interval which are in minutes
  • A interval of 1 will run the job continuously
  • Click "Save"


The profile has now been configured.