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Running the job (>v1.5)

In this section we will describe how to run the job for Login PI up to and including version 1.5.



In the previous section we create a profile and scheduled the job. The next step is to make sure the launcher is ready.

To start the launcher search in the start menu for launcher.exe and start the application.


If you navigate to the launchers configuration page in the Login PI Web Interface.
You can see the new launcher is available and ready for any scheduled jobs.


The PILauncher will poll the database to collect the assigned jobs

When the job is detected it will start the assigned job


The configured job will be launched.


The PI Engine will start and execute the assigned workload.

Login PI Run The Job 8.png

All the application start times will be collected in the database.

Login PI Run The Job 9.png

The dashboard will show the results of the applications.

Standard Dashboard

Dashboard Preview - Login PI v1.5

The dashboard also contains logon charts.

Standard Dashboard

Dashboard Preview - Login PI v1.5