Login PI Release Notes 1.1.21

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Release date: 18 October, 2016

New Features:

  • Simplified network requirements – All PI communications between the PI server, launchers, and targets now happens over a single port. The default is port 8080, but can be changed at install.
  • Improved Launcher Management – Launchers will not begin executing jobs until the Launcher is approved on the Launchers Overview page of the PI management console. When a new launcher is installed and started, it will show up on the Launchers Overview as Pending until it is approved.
  • API – an API is now available, allowing programmatic access to PI configuration and results. The API functions available can be found by navigating to http://yourPIservername:8080/help (change the URL and port to reflect your installation). API access is new and subject to change.
  • Dashboard preview – we’ve included an alternative dashboard that displays additional data about your environment. The new charts update in real-time, allowing you to see the current status of your environment at a glance. The preview dashboard can be accessed from “Dashboard Preview” link on the current dashboard, or by navigating to http://yourPIservername:8080/beta. The dashboard beta represents a work in progress. This preview may not represent the final product when it releases.
  • Email Alerts – you can now have all PI alerts and notifications sent by email. You can also limit the number of emails generated by setting a time value for Alert Digest – this will compile all the alerts for the specified time value into a single mail. This can be configured from the dashboard preview – Email Settings link.
  • Mouse click support in workload language – based on customer requests, the PI workload language now includes a mouse click action. Command format can be found here.

Installation and Upgrade

  • PI installation now automates several steps that previously had to be done manually, including installing perquisites like the .net framework.
  • Launcher installation separated into a standalone MSI installer. The MSI file can be downloaded from the Launchers Overview page of the PI management console. This .msi will need to be executed on all Launcher machines to upgrade them.
  • The installation package for Login PI will perform a fresh installation on systems that do not already have Login PI. For systems that do have Login PI installed, the same installation package will perform an upgrade.
  • Upgrades only supported from version 1.0.4 (the last public build). Customers running on any interim beta build will need to completely remove and reinstall PI. You can reconnect to the same DB and it will pick up all the configuration and continue as an upgrade would.

Resolved Bugs:

  • Improved Launcher recovery and stability – Launchers are better at detecting abandoned sessions and cleaning them up. Sessions automatically force a logoff after 30 minutes, reducing scenarios where a job won’t just keep reconnecting to a hung session.
  • 22 other bugs, primarily minor text fixes and display improvements.

Known Issues:

  • If you have made changes to the default workloads, they will be lost as part of the upgrade. Backup your workload files and replace them after upgrade completes.