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This section explains how to install the Login PI application in both default and silent modes.

Normal Installation

To install Login PI, please download the file from our website and run the executable file. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Install.


Note: If you want to change the installation location and/or port number, click the Options button, then define the details, click OK.

PI location.png

During the installation, the progress bar will appear. Note that IIS will be configured and the Login PI Server also gets installed.



Once the installation has finished, please restart your computer to use the software.


Silent Installation

A silent installation will not show any indication of starting, progressing and ending, it is completely silent. To install Login PI in silent mode, download the file from our website and place it on the C: Drive.


Now open a Command prompt as Administrator via the File tab.


Type the full name of the executable or just drag the file into the command prompt. Then enter the following parameters: /install /quiet /norestart /PORT=8080

Note: The default port number is 8080, but you can use a different port, if required.


These parameters indicate that the setup.exe should run in silent mode. When using silent mode the setup will use the default installation location, C:\Program Files\Login VSI\Login PI Server.

Whatever mode you use, when your computer starts/restarts, open the Apps section of the Windows Start key, and double-click the Login PI Management Interface to open the application.


Database Configuration

When you install and open Login PI for the first time, you will be asked to configure the database connection via a pop-up window.

SQL DC.png

Firstly, enter the name of the SQL server in the Database Server Hostname field, e.g. p19-SQL01. Then simply press the Tab button and the system will auto-complete the Database Server Port Number, Database Instance Name and Database Name fields as you tab through them. This database name will be a new SQL database created by the system called LoginPI.

At the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see messaging that confirms the system has successfully located the database server.

Note: Please be aware that the Microsoft SQL Express database has a size limit of 10GB, which Login PI will consume with data in approximately six months.

If you are using Windows credentials, please make sure to mark the checkbox named Use Windows Authentication. Now enter your credentials in the following fields to complete the connection:

  • Domain\User: E.g. play\svc_P19
  • Password: enter the defined password for this user

Note: If you try to initially install Login PI with a non-Admin user you will receive an error message on screen.

Then click Apply to confirm these settings.

SQL DC1.png

The system will then initialize the database.


Once initialization is finished, you will be taken to the Configuration section.


Before configuring these settings, please apply your license. To do this, please click the Settings Wheel in the top right-hand side of the screen. Then click License Information.


To upload a new license, click Browse License to search your drives for the requisite file, then click Upload.


Now move on the to the Login PI Configuration section.