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Login PI Alerts (Event Viewer)

All Login PI alerts are also stored in the Windows Event Log.



Open up the Windows Event Viewer on the Machine that is running the PI Server

Navigate to Applications and Services Logs

PI – Alerts: These are the Alerts generated via the PI tests (jobs)

PI – System Warnings: These are events based around the PI Infrastructure

Login PI Event Viewer.png

Editing Login PI Dashboard Security

This describes how to make a login prompt appear when accessing the Login PI dashboard, if the logged in account does not have NTFS rights on the folder C:\Program Files\Login VSI\Login PI Server\interface.

Description Screenshot
  • Open the IIS server and go to → Sites → Login PI → Authentication
  • Disable Anonymous Authentication
  • Disable ASP.NET Impersonation
  • Enable Windows Authentication
  • Restart the world wide web publishing service
  • Verify the feature has been implemented now

More Information:

Scheduling custom tasks to Login PI events

Advanced Connection Command-line String (>v1.5)

The connection string that is used within a profile can be modified to add additional parameters to the configured connector.



Open the Connection configuration page and click Advanced settings

Login PI Features 1.png

Within the connection command line you can edit the used connection string for the selected profile

Login PI Features 2.png

In this example the parameter /fullscreen is added which forces the RDP client to enable a full-screen RDP connection.

Login PI Features 3.png

Legal Notice (>v1.5)

Within large enterprises sometimes a legal notice is configured so the user has to agree to use the desktop. This legal notice requires interaction and can interrupt the logon process unless PI is configured.



Open the Connection configuration page and click Advanced settings

Login PI Features 4.png

Within Legal notices at logon you can configure the following:

Login PI Features 5.png

Protocol header is the header of the connection which is used, for example, with Microsoft RDP, this is “Remote Desktop Connection”

Time until enter is the time until the enter key sends a command to the remote connection to go through the legal notices. The time value is in seconds.

Finally, you have enabled the functionality for the profile!

Login PI Features 6.png

Custom Timer (>v1.5)

Certain applications require human interaction, like a logon screen. With the custom timer you have the ability to configure measurement points within the workload to start collecting default actions.



Create a new workload file. The workloads are by default stored on the Login PI server: C:\Program Files\Login PI\target\workloads

(TIP: It's easier to copy a current workload and adjust it with a text editor.)

You can add the line Timer_Start("Logname")



The logname will be reported as a workload action.

Login PI Features 7.png

Configure the created workload and start Login PI

Login PI Features 8.png

The added custom timer will be reported as a workload action in the dashboard and in the charts

Login PI Features 9.png

Thresholds (>v1.5)

With certain applications there might be a desire to know how long an application is taking to respond or perform a certain action. By utilizing the Threshold feature this is now available. Here's how to configure this feature:



Open the Workload settings page and click the button thresholds

Please note a job should already be in place

Login PI Features 10.png

A notification will pop up with a message regarding the fact that the workload has be parsed

The workload action will be shown and be configured to automatic

Login PI Features 11.png

By enabling the custom switch you are able to set a specific threshold for the workload action

Login PI Features 12.png

By adjusting the slider the default threshold will be adjusted

This will be applied to all workload actions

Login PI Features 13.png