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Custom Timers

Certain applications require human interaction, such as a login screen. With the custom timer you have the ability to configure measurement points within the workload to start collecting default actions.

To do this, you need to create a new workload file. By default, the workloads are stored within the Login PI Server folder: C:\Program Files\Login VSI\Login PI Server\target\workloads

TIP: It's easier to copy a current workload and adjust it with a text editor, like Notepad.

Open a current workload and add the line Timer_Start("Logname") before the application actions and Timer_Stop("Logname") after the application actions. The logname will be reported as a workload action.

Custom timer1.png

Then save the file under a different name, e.g. Custom timer workload.

Custom timer.png

Now when you opem Login PI, the new workload will be available in the Environment Settings section.

Custom timer2.png

The added custom timer will then be reported as a workload action in both the dashboard and in the charts.

Custom Workload utilizing Outlook

When creating a custom workload that utilizes Outlook, please ensure the following command is included in order to prevent any issues when starting the application on the Target machine:

VSI_Random_File_Copy("Outlook", "pst", "%VSI_Userhome%\Outlook\PersonalFolders.pst")

This command must be added between the following workload lines:

# Start Outlook
App_Start("Outlook", "", "outlook.exe", "Title", "lang:Outlook:lang")

Cst Otlk.png