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Install Login PI Launcher(s)

Run the MSI Installer

Double-click the executable to open the Setup Wizard, click Next.

Launcher install initial page.png

Read and Accept the EULA

Please read through the EULA, accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next.

Launcher install eula page.png

Select Installation Location

By default, the location is set to the C: Drive.


If you want to define a different location for the launcher system, please click the Change button and browse to the desired folder location. When ready click Next.


Login PI Management Console URL

By default, the Wizard is set to localhost, which means the launcher gets installed on the Login PI Server.

Important: If you want to install the launcher on a separate machine, you must enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Login PI Server, e.g.

Click Next.

MMC url.png

Install the Launcher

The system is now ready to install the Login PI Launcher. Click Install to continue.

Launcher install.png

Complete the Setup

When the installing process ends, click Finish to complete the setup.

Launcher install completed page.png

Run the Application

Navigate to the file location that you defined during the setup process and run the application.

Launcher App.png

Starting Launcher.png

You can also find the Launcher application in the list of Apps in the Windows Start key.

PI Launcher.png

Now go back to the Launchers section of the configuration page to complete the setup.

Launcher Labels

When installing a launcher, there’s an optional step in the installation process where you can define a label. Labels act as description tags that allow you to filter the launchers displayed in the Login PI Dashboard.

Note: There is no limit to the amount of labels you can define.

Configuring Labels

After you have finished installing the launcher, you can only configure labels in the Launcher.json file. This file is located in the following place: %programdata%\Login VSI\Login PI\Configuration

Depending what Windows OS you are using, you can access this location by either pasting %programdata% into the Windows Search option or directly into the File Explorer.


Once you have accessed the Configuration folder, you must open the Launcher.json file.


In the Labels field, enter the appropriate term, then close the file. If you want to add multiple labels, please separate them with a comma.