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This page explains how the analyzers determines that a session got stuck. Please note that the Login VSI Analyzer will not consider session that got stuck after the VSImax point as stuck sessions. Login VSI considers the environment saturated or even unstable when VSImax has been reached. Once the environment runs out of resources to keep the environment responsive it is to be expected that applications start behaving in an unexpected way.

Sessions that do not report in until the VSImax point

Sessions need to report in VSImax data up to or after the time stamp at which VSImax has been reached. Sessions that fail to do this are marked as stuck. The analyzer determines the VSImax timestamp in the following way:

  • If VSImax has been reached then the time stamp is the first time data is reported in at a session count at or below VSImax.
  • If VSImax has not been reached then the analyzer will set the VSImax point at the highest session count, for the purpose of determining stuck sessions. This means that the time stamp will be set the very first time when VSImax data is reported at maximum session count.

Using the time stamp the analyzer can easily see which session has reported in data up until the VSImax point. It does this by looking at all of the data reported in by a unique username and checking whether the last time the user reported in data was at or beyond the time stamp determined to be the VSImax point.

Sessions that report as logged on but never report in VSImax data

Sessions are determined to be logged on when they run the VSI logon script. The logon script writes a log file to \\server\vsishare\_VSI_Logfiles\NameOfTheTest\Monitor\Logon\. Will match the usernames of the sessions that logged on with the usernames that reported in VSImax data. If a session does appear on the logged on list but does not appear on the VSImax list it is considered to be a stuck session.

Sessions that report in active but never report in VSImax data

Sessions are determined to be active when they write a log file to \\server\vsishare\_VSI_Logfiles\NameOfTheTest\Monitor\ActiveSessions\. The analyzer will check if the amount of files in the ActiveSessions folder are larger than the amount of sessions that report in VSImax. The simplified method go something like: Stuck sessions = amount of users that report in VSImax users - Sessions that report in as active.

Empty VSImax CSV files

Empty files found in the VSImax folder under results (\\server\vsishare\_VSI_Logfiles\NameOfTheTest\Results\VSImax) are considered stuck sessions.

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