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To implement email notifications, please navigate to your PI Management Console, go to "http://localhost:8080/" (or the customized hostname, then port after the slash, if applicable). To access the email settings, please click the Settings Wheel in the top right-hand side of the screen, which will open the Global Settings tab. Then click Email Notifications.


Please populate these fields with the appropriate information:

Server Address - SMTP server address, hostname, or IP

Server Port - Typically port 25

SSL/TLS Encryption - Enabled (off) / Disabled (on)

Username - Username for authenticating when sending emails

Password - Password for the email user

Sender - From whom the mail should originate

Recipient - To whom the mail should be delivered

Reply To - The reply to address for the notifications

Minutes between emails - Interval to control frequency of email delivery

Email Subject - Subject of Notification, {count} indicates the number

Send email on alert - Confirmation to enable configuration

There is also a Send A Test Email function, which allows you to test your configuration.

Email setup.png