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The Basephase is used to create the Baseline which in turn is used to calculate the VSImax. The Basephase measures the performance of the environment without the user load. This way Login VSI can estimate the normal response time that is used to calculate the Baseline.

Baseline calculation 4.1

With the introduction of Login VSI 4.1 we also created a new method to calculate the basephase of an environment. With the new workloads (Taskworker, Powerworker, etc.) enabling 'basephase' for a more reliable baseline has become obsolete. The calculation is explained below.

  • Take the lowest 15 samples of the complete test
  • From those 15 samples remove the lowest 2
  • Average the 13 results that are left == baseline

Baseline calculation 4.0

What is the difference between enabling and disabling the Basephase? The difference comes from the way LoginVSI calculates the results of the test(s). How Login VSI calculates the results is explained below. But it comes down to this: Enabling the Basephase will result in a more reliable VSImax.

If you have Baselinephase enabled:

  • Take all results collected during the Baselinephase
  • Remove the lowest 2 results
  • Remove the top 15 results
  • Average the remaining results

If you have the Baselinephase disabled:

  • Select the first 200 results
  • Select the lowest 30 results
  • Remove the top 15 results
  • Remove the lowest 2 results
  • Average the remaining results

For more information about the VSImax Baseline click this link [1]

Setting up a Basephase

If you click this [2] link you will be sent to the tutorial page.