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[Announcement] Login VSI expands its global coverage with Adfontes

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Adfontes Software. Adfontes Software is a Dutch Enterprise Software Technology Company for Application Performance Management - IT Infrastructure - Operations Management & IT Risk & Security Management. 

We believe this partnership will help facilitate the continued success of both Login VSI and Adfontes Software within the ever-evolving VDI/SBC market. We are very excited to work with Adfontes Software in the near future.

“We are pleased to add Adfontes to our partner channel. We found a similar drive in optimizing the end-user experience. Combined with their knowledge and experience in virtual desktop environments, we are convinced that we collectively associate organizations primarily within Government and Healthcare industries, which we can now help with tackling their challenges. We look forward to a successful collaboration. ” Jasper Fioole, Login VSI

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What our customers are saying

Chris Gebhardt - NetApp

“We use Login VSI to make sure that what we are recommending to our customers is much better than what their guesses are. Because if you don't do proper assessment and if you don’t use Login VSI, your architecture is just a guess.”

Chris Gebhardt, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp

Tristan Todd - VMware

“Login VSI is my favorite test orchestration and simulation tool for large-scale reference architecture testing. Not only do we use it in our testing, but we work with partners who use Login VSI exclusively, with the idea that you create the most realistic simulated workload at scale, to really test infrastructure and software capabilities. What’s more, getting the results and be able to measure yourself across platforms and across vendor solutions is just fantastic and is unequalled in the industry.”

Tristan Todd, EUC Architect at VMware

Nick Couper - Bet365

"LoginVSI is an essential tool for our company which enables us to load test our virtual desktop environment so that we can capacity plan with confidence. We would struggle to benchmark our systems without it."

Nick Couper, IT Services Delivery Manager at Bet365